Automated Ge'ez Transcription

Automatically Transcribe Ge'ez Script

This tool allows you to upload an image of a line of Ge'ez text, and it will transcribe it automatically.

(1) Below is a boxed-off section where an image can be dragged and dropped or uploaded by clicking anywhere within the section. This website only allows one image to be inputted at a time
(2) Once an image is successfully uploaded, the website will display the clarified text and the uploaded image
(3) If a user would like to upload another image, he or she may click "back" to return to the starting page, and the image will be deleted.
Here are some example images to use with the tool. Just right click the image, choose "Save As", and drag the saved file into the upload box.

Images From: Ethiopia, Tǝgray Province, Däbrä Dammo ˀAbunä ˀArägawi, MS C3-IV-229
(digitized through the Ethio-SPaRe Project as EthioSPaRe DD-001), fols. 85v–86r. 1632–1664.
Cataloged by Susanne Hummel. Accessed 2 Feb 2022 at